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  • Mental Health Awareness

    Gain valuable insights into mental health awareness through our informative course. Learn about common mental health challenges, stigma reduction, and practical tools for supporting mental well-being in the workplace. Accredited First Aider Training and Certification (Free meeting to discuss workplace mental health courses and organisational qualifications).

  • Emergency Executive Staffing

    Don't delay - register today! Complete this simple registration process to be prepared for whatever comes your way regarding executive staff. Being proactive today could save your business tomorrow. There is a one-time registration fee of £100 Registration is contingent upon acceptance of our terms and conditions, which are available for review on our website. Due to the intricate systems, processes, and diligent efforts involved in emergency staffing, registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Crisis Consulting Membership Plan

    Receive expert advice and guidance on crisis management, with strategies tailored to your business needs. Our consultants will assess your situation and provide actionable solutions to navigate challenging times. (Free initial meeting to discuss membership plans) Membership is £1,500 per annum and includes up to 10 hours of crisis consulting time per annum with other member benefits.

  • Crisis Management Plan (SMEs)

    Equip your business with the necessary tools to assess and address potential crisis situations effectively. Our consultants will conduct a thorough evaluation and provide a detailed report outlining risk areas and recommended strategies. Up to 2-hour free meeting to discuss the plans we offer.

  • Special Risks/Credit & Political Risks

    Free discussion. Schedule a personalised meeting with Norman Taylor SRA to explore any special risks you may have. Whether it's related to exports, political risk, credit risk, country risk, operational risk, or anything else, we are here to help. No risk is too big or too small for us to assess and address.

  • Energy Consultation. (Business)

    Are high energy costs taking a toll on your business? Schedule a free initial discussion with Norman Taylor Sra to establish your business energy needs and receive quotations for energy supply. Let us help you find the best energy solutions for your business.

  • Management Consulting

    General and specialist business consulting services. Over 30 years of experience in risk management, special risks, and finance.

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