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Crisis Management

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When it comes to crisis management and response, having a membership plan in place can be a game-changer. These plans offer a range of benefits, including peace of mind knowing that you have trained professionals ready to step in during emergencies. With access to expert guidance and resources, you can navigate crises more effectively and efficiently. Membership plans also typically include training opportunities, helping you and your team prepare for potential future crises. Additionally, being part of a crisis management network provides invaluable networking opportunities with other businesses facing similar challenges. Ultimately, investing in a membership plan not only ensures you are well-equipped to handle crises when they arise but also helps build resilience within your organisation for the long term.

Crisis Management Plans

1. Crisis Management Plan (On-Site and Virtual) is available for a fixed price of £1,600 for small businesses. See; Why Do I Need A Crisis Management Plan

2. *Crisis Consulting Membership Plan, priced at £1,500 per annum for up to 10 hours of Crisis Consulting services annually. This plan is specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Any additional hours required beyond the allotted 10 hours will be billed at a discounted rate of £150 per hour for our valued members.

*We offer flexible payment options, allowing you to choose between monthly or quarterly in arrears payments at no extra charge. Additionally, you have the freedom to cancel your plan at any time without the need for prior notice or incurring any penalties.


Please be advised that this offer is subject to contract and terms and conditions apply. 

What We

Saufeguard your business



50% reduction on standard consulting fees.



SRA 24 Access to consulting 24/7/365 and emergency response.



Automatic Enrolment to our Business Health Surgery and discounts on Workplace Mental Health courses.



Crisis assistance combined with on-demand discounted Management Consulting.



Training opportunities and being part of a crisis management network.



Free registration to Emergency Executive staffing.


Protect your business with the Crisis Membership Plan – a comprehensive solution for navigating turbulent times. For just £1,500 per year, you'll receive up to 10 hours of crisis consulting time annually, along with a host of valuable membership benefits. 


When unexpected challenges arise, you can trust our team of experts to provide the guidance and support you need. With the Crisis Membership Plan, you'll gain access to our discounted management consulting rate of £150 per hour, a 50% reduction from our standard fees. This ensures you receive top-quality assistance without the financial burden.


Our definition of a crisis is tailored to your specific needs, giving you the control to determine what constitutes a threat to your business. We'll work closely with you to understand the situation, develop a comprehensive strategy, and see it through to a successful resolution.


While we don't provide legal advice or third-party services, we can coordinate with solicitors, public relations consultants, and other professionals as needed, with any associated costs billed separately to the client by that service provider. Our focus is on delivering transparent, personalised solutions that prioritise your peace of mind.


Don't let unexpected crises jeopardise the success of your business. Invest in the Crisis Membership Plan and equip your organisation with the resources and expertise to overcome any challenge. Secure your membership today and enjoy the confidence that comes with knowing your business is in safe hands.

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Join online and you'll be accessing your membership benefits in days! Unlock exclusive opportunities for business growth, continuity, and prosperity, while safeguarding your business and building resilience.

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