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Passionate from inception

Starting a business is not an easy task. It requires a lot of hard work, dedication, and most, a strong vision and passion. Building a business on a dream is what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from the rest. It takes courage to pursue your dreams and turn them into a reality. With clear vision and unwavering passion, anything is possible. But, don't let passion cloud your judgement.

Our journey began in the late 1990s when my then-wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. In the face of this difficult time, she encouraged me to establish a consultancy to have more control over my schedule. Despite the challenges of being self-employed, I managed to balance part-time consultancy work with my other job. Tragically, my wife passed away while pregnant with our child, but I will always cherish the ten years we spent together.


In 2024, the 25th year since my wife and child's passing, I made the decision to transition to full-time consultancy work. I am proud to maintain the same level of passion and dedication to excellence that I had when I first started my career in 1990. I am excited to welcome new clients and build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships. 


In the photo, you can see me celebrating the 1st anniversary at CIA 1991 with my late wife. This was a significant moment for me, as it marked the beginning of my journey from an office junior to where I am today.

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Finally, I wrote my book! 16 years within the Secret Service


“My life in the Secret Service required resilience."

Available bookstores and Amazon.

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Here for you

"Our boutique consultancy has been the result of a lengthy journey to fulfil my dream, now our dream. Our primary goal is to resolve client matters by utilising our expertise, experience, and partner network of over 30 years." — Norman Taylor

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Shaping the Future

At Norman Taylor SRA, we are driven by innovation and expertise to create a positive and vibrant environment for our clients. Our passion for excellence makes us a great place to work and do business. Join us in shaping the future together.

Our community serving your needs

Discover how we can help your business thrive. We are passionate about guiding you towards success with realistic strategies. Our fair and honest approach, combined with our resilience, ensures that we showcase integrity at all times. Let us elevate your business to new heights.

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