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Moe Nawaz

Strategic Advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders

Our initial interaction with Norman Taylor dates back to 2001 when we were overseeing a group of companies. At that time, he served as our consultant for credit and political risks, offering valuable insights and risk management strategies that allowed us to effectively navigate our trading risk exposures. His innovative approach to trading risk management was instrumental in our success.


Fast forward to 2024, and we continue to maintain a strong relationship with Norman Taylor. We regard his consultancy as a leading authority in credit risk management and crisis intervention. As a strategic advisor to FTSE 100 Leaders, I recognise the expertise and value that Norman Taylor brings to the table.

"The brand is a reflection of me, and I am a reflection of the brand."

My name is Norman Taylor, and I share the same name as the company I represent. However, this is not due to any grandiose claim, but rather because of the history and values that lie behind the brand. Throughout my life, I have faced numerous challenges, including the loss of my wife and child, involvement in conflicts around the world from a risk perspective, suffering severe injuries, mental health struggles, and issues with alcohol. Despite these obstacles, I have managed to overcome adversity and achieve my dream of opening this very consultancy, through dedication, focus, commitment, and resilience.


Norman Taylor SRA is not just a name, but a representation of the qualities that have shaped me into the person I am today. It is a testament to the collaboration of great minds, abilities, and shared experiences. The brand is not just a reflection of me, but a collection of insights, passion, drive, and determination that have been cultivated through the support and contributions of others.


In essence, I am not the brand - the brand is a reflection of me. It embodies the values and principles that I hold dear and serves as a reminder of the strength and perseverance that have guided me through life's challenges. This is further reinforced when you consider the calibre of our consultants, mental health lead, and partner suppliers. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Additionally, our network of trusted suppliers ensures that we deliver top-quality products and services to our clients. Norman Taylor SRA embodies the essence of the brand.

Get to Know Us

In the late 90s, our founder's wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, and sadly passed. He had a dream to create a boutique full-service solutions firm that caters for SMEs. Bringing corporate style risk management to the SME market. This is how Norman Taylor SRA came to be.

Building a Safer Future

The foundation is crucial for any successful venture, providing a stable base from which to grow and thrive. When it comes to finance, having a solid understanding of your financials is key to making informed decisions and ensuring long-term prosperity.


Growth is an exciting aspect of any business, as it signifies progress and potential for even greater success in the future. Continuity is essential for maintaining momentum and building on past achievements, ensuring that your business remains relevant and competitive in a constantly evolving market.


Controlling risks is another important factor in achieving sustainable growth, as identifying and mitigating potential pitfalls can help safeguard your business against unforeseen challenges. Overall, successfully navigating these key elements will pave the way for continued success and excitement in your entrepreneurial journey.

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