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SRA 24

Providing Solutions When You Need Them

Work late

Open All Hours

Our consultancy operates around the clock to accommodate the diverse needs of our clients. We understand that business challenges and opportunities do not adhere to a strict 9-5 schedule. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our availability at any pre-agreed hour of the day or night. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-tier solutions and advice at a moment's notice, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled service whenever they require it. We prioritise the success of our clients and strive to exceed their expectations by always being there for them, regardless of the time or day. Our unwavering dedication to our clients is a testament to our "no man left behind" mindset.

Specialist Consulting

Our consulting practice is founded on the extensive expertise of our personnel in delivering specialised services to businesses, particularly in the areas of Management Consulting, Crisis Management, Crisis Consulting, Special Risks, and Mental Health. We are dedicated to innovation and continuously exceeding our clients' expectations. During times of crisis, our clients have access to a dedicated 24-hour emergency line that is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Meeting at the office
Team of Industrial Engineers

Access to Partner Solutions

With a network established for over 30 years, we have cultivated strong relationships that allow us to offer solutions where others may fall short. In any business endeavor or crisis situation, the key to success often lies in partnering with the right individuals, as no single person can do it all. We have carefully selected and tested partners who can save you time, money, and resources by efficiently providing solutions. Let us handle the sourcing while you focus on achieving your goals.



There are individuals who are often referred to as fair-weather associates, only showing up when conditions are favorable. However, when faced with adversity, they are quick to disappear. In stark contrast, we pride ourselves on being storm associates. We are committed to standing by your side through all types of weather, providing unwavering support and protection for your business.



Collaboration is essential for achieving desired outcomes, as no single individual can solve all problems alone. This is where our extensive network, built over 30 years, becomes invaluable.



At our firm, we uphold high standards for our services and never compromise on quality. We adhere to regulations and are governed in the areas where we operate. We have strong systems and processes in place to ensure the reliability and accountability of our services.

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