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Top reasons your workplace should invest

Mental Health Training

Improve staff retention

Reduce absence

Better performance

Happy Friends

An inclusive culture

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Higher staff satisfaction


Healthier and equitable workplace

Mental Health

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"Mental health problems don’t define who you are. They are something you experience. You walk in the rain and you feel the rain, but, importantly, YOU ARE NOT THE RAIN.” — Matt Haig

Investing in mental health courses for your employees is a strategic decision that can yield profound benefits for your organisation. As risk management professionals, we understand the critical importance of addressing both reputational and legal risks.


By providing mental health awareness training and equipping your staff with mental health first aid skills, you're not only mitigating potential crises, but you're also demonstrating a genuine commitment to the well-being of your most valuable assets – your employees. This proactive approach not only fulfils your duty of care but also fosters a supportive and nurturing work environment.


When your employees feel cared for and supported, it has a direct impact on their workflow, performance, and self-esteem. By creating a mentally healthy workspace, you're not only ensuring compliance with corporate governance but also cultivating a positive, non-toxic culture that empowers your people to thrive.


As Siemens Energy eloquently stated, "Ensuring our people feel they work in a mentally healthy environment is our aspiration." This is the very essence of what our mission at Norman Taylor SRA aims to achieve – to create environments where employees can live in the moment, become more productive, focused, and determined to succeed, both at work and in their personal lives.


Invest in mental health courses today and unlock the transformative power of a workforce that is engaged, motivated, and thriving. Your organisation's success and your employees' well-being are intrinsically linked.


It is not just the course, but the ongoing support that is provided to Mental Health First Adiers. Post qualification, members will have access to the MHFA support app MHFAider. This App enables conversation logging and safe storage, insights into current trends and developments, and the latest information from a varied and extensive library keeping you up to date. While supporting you in your everyday role.


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What We

What You Take Away


Mental Health First Aid

Accredited and certified Mental Health First Aid course offered in a two-day format, with the option to attend in person or virtually.


Mental Health refresher courses

Accredited and certified Mental Health First Aid refresher course offered in a half-day format, with the option to attend in person or virtually.


Personalised Talks

Personalised discussions on mental health and inspirational talks focused on implementing best practices and achieving personal growth.


Mental Health Awareness

Accredited and certified Mental Health First Aid course offered in a half-day format, with the option to attend in person or virtually.


Mental Health for Leaders

Accredited and certified Mental Health First Aid course for managers and leaders, with the option to attend in person or virtually.


Bespoke Courses

Tailored courses and workshops are available, offering bite-sized sessions that address a wide range of mental health disorders.

For most courses, attendees will be provided with a comprehensive package including a workbook, manual, lanyard, support app, and a certificate certifying their qualification as a Mental Health First Aider.

I am absolutely thrilled with the amazing feedback I've received from the courses I've conducted!

Lee Morris

Mental Health Lead


I feel the course was invaluable and gave a good insight into how to manage potential mental health problems in the workplace and the wider environment. Lee is very personable and professionally delivered the course. He was very mindful of the sensitivity of some of the topics covered. Overall a very worthwhile couple of days.


Lee was absolutely brilliant, very knowledgeable and was an excellent teacher, very calm and had a great way of delivering the information even when it was a little heavy going. Would thoroughly recommend. 


Very well-run course with a range of activities, Lee was a fantastic instructor and engaging as well as informative. Was a very enjoyable course, with lots of discussions and group activities. Highly recommend. 
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